Questions about Voicemail

Hi guys,
i have setup voicemail on my Freepbx 2.9
When i leave a message on vm, i receive two emails.
I have customized voicemail.conf in order to send an email with my credentials, but i receive two mail, one is right and the other contains this text:
New 0:11 long msg in box 1001
from “callerid”, on Friday, May 24, 2013 at 09:53:37 PM

There is a way to don’t receive this second mail?
Antoher question is, how can i modify date and time, in order to receive mails with date in italian language (eg: Friday => Venerdi)
Thanks in advance

Did you enter a pager email address perhaps? Just remove that one.

Thanks mustardman, you’ re right.
Can you also tell me if is possible to handle var ${CALLERID} format in voicemail.conf ?
Now it’s written twice on email body so:
“39xxxxxxxxxx” and <39xxxxxxxxxx>
My intention is to have ${CALLERID} as:
Do you know a way?
Thanks in advance