Questions about upgrade to FreePBX 2.7

I’m working on an Asterisk system running 1.4.x and FreePBX 2.4.

Are any of you still running Ast 1.4 with FPBX 2.7?

I’m nervous to update a working system like this and am curious about how ‘safe’ or clean the upgrade procedure is to go from 2.4>2.7 esp while running Asterisk 1.4.

I realize that nothing is guaranteed, just wondering what some of the other users out there might suggest. The original install was all compiled, and now that there are yum repositories available, I’m thinking maybe a switch to 1.6 might serve them better for ease of maintenance in the future.

Run a backup of the system. The update is very clean.

You need to run then 2.5 upgrade tool then go to 2.7

1.4 is the mainstream Asterisk version supported on FreePBX through 2.7.

thanks guys, for some reason I thought 1.4 was being phased out, glad to hear I’m not as far behind as I thought.

2.8 will no longer official support Asterisk 1.2, though almost everything will probably still continue to work.

I expect 1.4 will be the primary and mainstream release for quite some time to come. We make these decisions based on what the user base is using on the newer releases of FreePBX. Last I looked, it was something under 5% for 1.2. Depending on which FreePBX “recent” release you look at 1.6 is between about 10% and 30% on 2.7 (which is what you would expect since earlier adopters move quicker on all fronts).

Those numbers are from memory but gives you a good idea of the general landscape.