Questions about Broadcast / Xact Dialer Module


I’m looking to use this module to inform our staff on their home/cell phone.

I did tests with 30-days trial on a non-prod FreePBX installation. All was ok!

I ordered a license for our prod FreePBX, but the’re two problems

  1. When answering to automatic call, there is a 7-9 seconds before the message starts. During test, this delay was 2-3 seconds. 7-9 is very long!!!

  2. When receiving report, for all numbers, answer = no and delivered_to = nothing. But calls was done and answered. In CDR reports, these calls are marked as answered too. In testing setup, report was good too.

Finally, in campaign configuration, I noted that in start/end date, the minimum year is 2009 and maximum year is 2019. 2020 is coming!!! :slight_smile: Will you update this?

Thank you!

About the second point : finaly the report is good when downloaded on web gui. But the report sent by email is incomplete.

Did the version change? Did you make other changes to the system in between? If you turn up the verbosity on the asterisk CLI, or review your logs, you can see what is going on during the pause.