Question on Time Groups and Time Conditions

Can these be assigned for a particulat DID? I have 2 different departments that have separate business hours. We’re a church and have a daycare. The daycare has different office hours then the church office. Can I assign a Time Condition and Time group for these two for separate times? I didn’t see in the documentation that it was possible. If I need to read further…feel free to let me know. Thanks in advance.

You can have nearly unlimited Time Groups and Time Conditions.

Something you said won’t help you understand this, though. Time Groups and Conditions aren’t assigned to anything. They are a step on your inbound (or outbound, theoretically) routes. For example, your inbound routes (one for each of your business entities) pass traffic to a Time Condition - they can be the same but should probably always be different.

Each Time Condition splits traffic based on the current time and send the call to a specific location. Typically, your “day” mode will point at an IVR or queue (or etc.) that gets the phone answered and the “night” mode will point at a voicemail box or “on-call” phone. Since all of these are specific to your specific need, the time conditions will need to be tailored to your specific situation.

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it. That clears things up nicely.

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