Question on CDR related to ring groups

We have a single ring group, 0, which then rings two phones 1200 and 1201.

I need to report on how many calls each extension took. Even if that extension then forwarded the call to a different final destination.

I’ve been unable to figure out how to perform this with CDR. Even dumping the data into a CSV file wasn’t helpful.

For example, an incoming call is answered by x1200 and then forwarded to x1230. This needs to count as a call to x1200 in my desired report.


These two lines (in bash) will, a) describe what you have to work with and b) show you some recent data

mysql asteriskcdrdb -e "describe cdr"
mysql asteriskcdrdb -e "select * from cdr limit 100"

run the second one a few seconds after a call to a ring group was hungup on.

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