Question. Incoming PSTN DID number to be translated to a new number and sent out on a SIP PSTN trunk

Hello Group:
First: I am running FreePBX version in a VMware instance and with Oracle Linux 6.10
The virtual system and FreePBX is fully patch as of today.
I do not use NAT. I have public IP addresses.

My goal is to take an incoming DID number and translate it to a new number and send it out on a SIP trunk.

I have seen some forum articles on this but most were dated back in 2014 and it seems that the discussion thread was closed a year later. The thread was not exactly what I wanted to do.

The answer given at the time was in FreeePBX that you basically would need to have a virtual extension with call-forwarding.

In the older Cisco Call Manager days, we would accept the inbound call using a route translation table. We would then strip the digits and create a new mask with the desired dialed number and send it to the route plan for the outbound SIP trunk. This was actually easy to do once you figured out how to do it.

I have spent a few hours with FreePBX but I can not seem to understand how to do the dial mask and then route it out again. Currently I do know how to route incoming DID numbers and then send them to another internal SIP trunk (to a CCM) but I do not see where I can apply a dial plan (mask) to the relayed call that will go outside again so I get what I am expecting to happen.

Any help would be great.

Thank you.

Example: 1435252xxxx to 1510316xxxx

Misc Destination should do it. Then create an inbound route to receive the call and send it to the Misc Destination.

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