Question in maching an inbound route for specific CIDs

hi ,

i have a question about matching a specific incomming customers lines to specific destination ,

i have 1 pstn line with number 2456789 and i configured inbound router and macthed with it the DID with 2456789 and i put it to destination of ivr

now when i call the number 2456789"my DID" from a caller id 2111111 “external phone” , im being directed to ivr
nowi have no problems ,

but assume i want specific condition for the number 22222222 when he call 2456789 , i want him to go directly to DISA ,

i tried to match the CID inbound route with 22222222 and direct him to DISA but it failed ,


my question is , how to make decicions or " how to match the inbound CID " to specific destination ???

im sure i put the correct CID and let the DID blank .

wish to help ,


Check CID priority route

hi, i did

the same issue