[Question] How to create extensions with Letters and Numbers?


I have an asterisk box created for academic purposes, On it I have extensions in my sip.conf that I created with letters and numbers (ex [john25]) and edited the extensions.conf forward a dialed extension to that name.

Now I have another box of my own with freepbx and I wanted to create the same extensions here but it doesnt let me create extensions with letters only numbers.

In case you ask, the extensions NEED to have letters and numbers, And i’d rather use freepbx than manually editing all the files in asterisk.

Is sip_custom.conf the answer ? It’s just an empty file I dunno where to start there… or is it something else ?


FreePBX only supports numbers for the extensions and ultimately for the sip device names. However, you can create a ‘sip alias’ for each extension which would allow you to have it dialed externally to that non-numeric name.

Whether this addresses your issue or not, it’s as far as FreePBX gets to creating non-numeric extensions. Outside of that you can use the custom files, or you can create “trunks” which are not any different from the perspective of Asterisk but in the end it really depends on what the real reason you need this is.