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Hello guys it’s off-top but i guess it one of a place where i can post this.
So I’ve moved to a different job and old team was using voipswitch//com switch to provide voip service.
Nothing !! is working as it should be as I’ve seen it was that switchis were brought back in 2014 and as i’ve seen for that switches was paid 10k $ in total with support and everything, since then only thing that it does is register users and add them in resellers, it doesn’t even sends invoices. also there are old servers with server 2003 on it. So i want to replace that old stuff with new service or new solution. Don’t ask me why but my director still want to use same company as he has seen that voipswitch//com can offer him a hosted solution. Right now those old switches with servers are in data center and i guess our company pays a lot for data center so looks like that hosted service option is better for company.So what I’m asking is if anyone had any experience with them or knows some other company which can provide hosted solution to provide voip service.

Sangoma provides a turn key hosted solution with

There are also companies partnered with Sangoma that provided FreePBX hosting such as:

Hi ,
Thanks for answering will look at that too see what sangoma can offer, is there any information that you can know about that voipswitch||com ?

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