Question about VLAN Tagging in EPM

FreePBX Distro 16
D Series Phones Provisioned via EPM with DPMA and OpenVPN

PBX is cloud based. Option 66 to the public IP of the PBX. In testing without VLAN this works fine, phones connect, prompt for global pin, download config, reboot, join the VPN and get their final settings.

Next we need to move these to the production network that uses a VLAN for the phones. Trying to wrap my head around the sequence for provisioning.

The phones will boot up and get a default IP from the normal (VLAN 1) network along with the Option66 info.

It will then contact the PBX, grab provisioning information, which will include the Manual VLAN 20 ID. Reboot and theoretically when the phone request an IP it will send the VLAN 20 tag and thus get a new IP from that VLAN.

Is this correct??

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