Question about upgrade from 15 to 16

Hello all!

I’m following the upgrade wiki, which seems fairly straightforward. However I encountered some unsupported modules during the system compatibility check, which is throwing me a curve.

The following are unsupported:


Common sense tells me they can be removed. So for example restapi easy enough; search for the module and remove.

But others aren’t that clear. The Digium one at the bottom is not listed in my installed modules. I do have 2 that are Digium related: Digium Addons, and Digium Phones Config. I would assume it’s the 2nd, but that’s only an assumption. Is there a way to confirm I’m removing the correct module?

Another that’s not clear is freepbx_ha. I assume that’s referring to the commercial FreePBX High Availability module. But again how can I confirm? I don’t like to guess!

There are others I simply couldn’t find in my listed modules, but I’m guessing they are named differently. Has anybody encountered this, and can you recommend a more precise way for me to proceed?

Thank you!

Use the fwconsole ma uninstall module_name command line tool to uninstall the aforementioned deprecated modules.

It better to use delete. That also removes the local copy of the module.

fwconsole ma delete freepbx_ha
fwconsole ma delete queuemetrics
fwconsole ma delete dundicheck
fwconsole ma delete restapi
fwconsole ma delete campon
fwconsole ma delete motif
fwconsole ma delete digiumaddoninstaller

Followed by a reload

fwconsole reload

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