Question about time condition

Quick question here:

Currently, we have a customer that manually enables a call flow control at the end of the day for the night IVR. The person in charge of activating this call flow forgot twice to activate it in the last week, which led to some unanswered emergency calls.

At the time of the original installation of the system, the customer didn’t want a to use a Time Condition because the start time in the morning is not always the same. Sometimes, they even leave the night IVR for days.

They are now asking me to automatically activate the night IVR at 5pm but they don’t want it to disable itself automatically

My question is:
Can I create a Time Condition with only a start time ? I want it to enable itself automatically but never disable itself automatically. I thought about enabling it at 5pm and disabling it at 4:59pm but this creates a 1 minute windows where calls can be lost…

Create a time condition that starts at 4:59 and ends at 5:00.

At 4:59 it will turn off the condition (day mode), which will have no effect normally because it is still in day mode.

At 5:00 it will flip to night mode.

Create a button to override the time condition to replace the current night mode button.

They have to press this in the morning to turn off night mode.

You will have a risk in that 1 minute timer every night of missing a call.

Yeah that’s wanted to do, but that 1 minute window seems to annoy the customer…

Then the next easiest thing would to make two of them one at 4:58 and one at 4:59 and then you also need to buttons in the morning to undo everything and then the first one goes to night mode but the second one since it’s in Dave mode will not go to the first one until it switches and that’ll cover your one minute potential thing whatever

I think that I will go with the 1 minute “down time”.
Thanks for your help

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