Question about some extension routing

I was curious… I have FreePBX running and have well over 100 users on the system. I also have some trunks with working phone numbers. Everything is working great but my question is… If I were to get another phone number and I want a specific extension able to dial out on only that phone number without using any dialing prefixes is that possible? Let’s basically say I want one extension to have an outside phone number and basically function like a normal land line phone would. They can dial any number in the United States and call out using only their specific DID.

Outbound route with the CID you need, set a CallerID equals to the ext you want it for. Also put the outbound route at the top to be processed first. For inbound, a regular inbound route with the specific DID pointing to the extension.

The Outbound CID field in the Extension configuration will allow you to do this as well.

Both @spioli and @dobrosavljevic are giving you the right answer, but you actually need to do both.

  1. You need to make sure your current (Main) number is the first outbound route to ensure that everyone goes out that number, not the new 2nd number. You also need to make sure it does not have the option to override extension DID selected to NO.

  2. You need to put the new number as the outbound did for the extension you want, and of course add it as an inbound route to go right to that extension (assuming that’s the goal).

That is the goal. Thanks for the response.

If your new number is on the same account with the same trunking provider as your existing numbers, all you have to do is set Outbound CID for the extension to the new number. You don’t need a new Outbound Route. This assumes that your existing Routes and Trunk were not set up to override the outbound caller ID.

If you will be sending the calls over a new trunk, then you must set up an Outbound Route to the new trunk, as noted by @spioli . Most likely, this Route would be placed above the ‘regular’ route, but below your Emergency Route(s). However, if the new extension is at a different physical address from the others, take care that a 911 call will show the correct address.

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