Question about pbdirectory


I use pbdirectory via “411”.

So Is it possible to define a range number letter.
For example, by default we have to type 3 first letter.

Is it possible to define a range between 3 and 6 letters for example?

If yes, How improve this feature?


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pbdirectory (Phonebook Directory) aka 411 was one of the early agi scripts that was done for asterisk. It at one point was split and enhanced from the current code that is now in operation to become what is known as directory (the # option).

Directory has options to allow dial by first and/or last name (which is just a coding guess by searching for the first occurance of a space and splitting the name up).

You will probably find the directory option a lot more useful as long as your users have voicemail. Now you say WHY voicemail. it’s because the directory uses the voicemail setup file to get the names, extensions, and if the user recorded thier name that as the announcement of thier name instead of the spelling of the name that the pbdirectory does.

If i remember correctly the directory code will timeout if less then 3 letters are pressed and make a attempt to find the name that way.