Question about parking calls

When i used to work for a company the way that parking calls worked (i believe) was that there were about 12 programmable keys on the phone with LED’s next to them. Lets call them 1-6 on the left and 7-12 on the right. Buttons 7-12 were labled “Park 1 through 6”. Button 1 was labeled “Park Call” and button 2 was labled “Pickup call”

The way you would park a call would be if you were on a live call you would press “Park Call” and then press “Park 1” (or whatever park line was free, ie no LED lit)

When the call was parked everyone could see a flashing light next to the “Park 1”. To pickup the call you would press “pickup call”, and then press “Park 1”

Is there a way to to this in FreePBX?

The way it looks like in freepbx is to set a key to “park” the call and then you have to hit a “park extention” like 71 or so, and then to pickup the person needs to know what “park number” they are on and then press a “pickup” softkey and then dial the “park number”

The way that i described it by the way that I have used it before on some phone system seems alot easier and more intuative as it gives feedback via the LED’s on the phone.

Is there a way to do this?

FreePBX 2.7
Aastra 5730i phones



You can get LED functionality by using the devstate module, I don’t believe there is a way to park a call to a particular parking lot.

With devstate enabled, you can have BLF buttons for each parking space, you park the calls in the normal way. You still have to listen what the parking space is, but you can pick it up by pressing a single button which is marked by a glowing LED.


Parking lot hints are actually not part of devstate and are automatically generated with the FreePBX dial plan.

There is an Asterisk patch out that will give you flashing LED’s on phones that support the correct SIP event (I know that it works on SNOM’s).

Directed call parking used to be available with the valet parking application. That does not work anymore with the latest Asterisk and it was never supported in FreePBX.