Question about Park Return

Good afternoon.

We’re having an odd issue where Park Return calls (set to return to origin) are only ringing for about 6 seconds before then following the lot’s destination. Obviously that’s no where near enough time to actually grab the call.

I would expect that Park Returns aren’t eligible for things like Voicemail and Call Fwd (possibly not even Follow Me), but we’ve played with the extension’s ring time setting anyway, and it still has no effect.

I don’t see anywhere within the Parking module to set the initial Origin ring time, nor do I see anything in System Advanced Settings that might be a good fit.

Can anyone shed some light on where this timing can be controlled, because 6 seconds is literally 1 ring cycle, and obviously no where near adequate to potentially retrieve a parked call.


Which version of parking are you using?

I ran into a similar constraint. I think my FreePBX 13 setup was returning the parked calls for a hard-coded 15 second ring time. After that the unanswered calls were being sent to the unanswered destination. But 6 seconds is way too short! That’s only like 1-2 rings!

What I wound up doing was following the configuration change listed here --> I extended the ringtime to be a full 60 seconds. Figure if the originating parker doesn’t pick up in that long then the caller needs to go elsewhere. :grinning:

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