Question about OSS Endpoint on FreePBX 2.11


As I understand, and I may be wrong, the developer of OSS Endpoint (tm1000) is also working on the commercial endpoint manager of PBX. My question is, will the OSS endpoint continue to be supported or we will be “forced” to buy the commercial one?

I for example have found some bugs (mainly with cisco SPA504 and SPA525 or when you create a speed dial button) phones. Also, I noticed that the is not working anymore.

Kind Regards,
Ilias Sarantoglou

Andrew, TM1000 was hired full time by Schmooze almost a year ago on the merits of his incredible talents. He is one of the developers contributing to the commercial EPM.

As far as what he wants to do with his personal time is his own business.

I wish there would be a way to add custom devices easily to the EPM. It’s just so nice to have all the config files generated in the same way to the same place as eachother. Someday I’m going to have to learn to pull apart the OSS EPM just to add some basic things like… new phones.

Unless I wash my pants and find money in a pocket for the commercial version.