Question about IVR setup

I am running FreePBX 15.0.24, and I have a question about IVR. Here is what I have:
call comes in, gets routed to the operator. If it times out or DND for the operator is set, it goes to IVR. Caller gets multiple options, among them 0-talk to operator, and 1 - leave message in general mailbox. This works fine.
I would like to set this up so that the caller presses 0 AND the operator is not there, it goes directly to “leave a message in general mailbox”. At the moment the caller gets routed to the operator if they press 0, and if that extension either times out or is on DND, the operator extension puts him back into the IVR instead of the general mailbox.
I have tried to send the caller to a different extension, but then they also leave a message in a different voice mail box. Can I set an extension to send a caller to a different voice mail box (in this case say, for example, route a caller to extension 123, and if it is not answered or DND, send the caller to the voice mail for extension 100?

Hmm, seems quite convoluted, but lets see if i can get this right.

  • Create a ring group
  • Pressing 0 at the IVR will now go to ring group which will ring to 123 or whatever number(s)
  • If no one picks up from the ring group
  • setup options in ring group (destination if no answer) to ext 100’s voicemail

I could be oversimplifying things, but this seems like what you want?

Ring Group. Why did I not think of that. Duh.

Thank you for the response. With the Ring Group I have it now where I want it.


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