Question about fail2ban

I am very new (like infant new) this PBX so I apologize in advance with the noob questions.

I have a client who reported that their PBX system went down due to the VG-root directory being full.

They cleared up a few GB of logs to get the system functional again but the partition for sangmomVG-Root is still at like 99% full.

Before just throwing more space at it, I looked in to what could be filling up all the space and sure enough, the fail2ban logs are using like 63 GB of space…

I found an article from here to stop the fail2ban service, clear the sqlite db and restart it but it looks like fail2ban service is disabled by default.

I am a bit confused as to whether or not fail2ban was running to collect these logs and simply failing to start back up or if it still collects these logs even if the service is not running.

I see there is a forum post from couple of years ago to update the systemadmin version to 15+ (the current PBX is at 12.7.8-2107-3.sng7).

Before I update the version, just trying to figure out if fail2ban should be even running to begin with.

Thanks in advance for any input.


If you are using FreePBX 15 or 16 (you should be ok).
You can basically control all things fail2ban using the System Admin module, but it is best if you have the paid-for version of this.

Purchase and get installed: System Admin Pro

If you are using FreePBX 14 or something “hand rolled” …
Keep this post updated.

There is another recent discussion happening in this thread: FreePBX 16 fail2ban log - #15 by lgaetz

The take away there is that it’s possible that the system was configured to be exposed to any and all traffic and malicious traffic was causing the logs to be full. Start by ensuring that only trusted traffic can connect to your asterisk system.

Thank you for the reply.

The version the client is on is actually 12.7.

I guess I need to have them update it to 15+

I see. yeah I have a feeling they have the system just wide open as the fail2ban service is disabled by default.

That sounds like an OS version for PBXact. FreePBX is versioned differently. Can you confirm if this is a PBExact system rather then FreePBX?

If it is PBXact then it’s at the latest version already.

This is what shows when I check the version.

Sorry again for the noob question but how do you tell if the version is free?

If you have access to the web management GUI it should either say PBXact or FreePBX everywhere in the interface.

I am dumb, that might be the OS version on FreePBX systems as well.

Ok thanks. i will check the interface to see what it says.

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