Question about CDR FreePBX 2.11(Distro 3.63)

When I transfer a call to a queue I get a double CDR record for the same call (see picture). Is this normal? If you hover over the “duration” field you will notice that the billing time is the same. Tested with Asterisk 1.8, 10, 11.

Why do I get 2 CDR records for the same call at the same queue?

Thank you.

I think this must be related to a somewhat recent FreePBX update because one of my systems had the same issue. If you check the files:

you will likely find that there are entries in the custom file that duplicate entries in the additional file. Remove the duplicates in the custom file.

just noticed this last week. Every record in my CDR is appearing twice.

Just to clarify abit more. What I mean that call with ID 1368606307.1555 and call with ID 1368606307.1550 is the exactly the same call. It is a called transfered to queue 600(202 is the extension that rang). The first is with the wait the second without. Is this normal? Can I separate those 2 calls(for simple call time report)?