Question about a caller ID

Hi guys,

we need to develop a specific premium pbx for an our customer.
Basically our customer ask us to create a premium support pbx, that it’s usable only if the caller has a specific “caller-id”.

In this enviroment every “caller-id” (example of caller-id is 12345) are associated at a specific number of minutes of call (Example: caller-id 12345 → 60 minutes, caller-id 33333 → 30 minutes…and so on).

This minutes must be decremented when the caller is speaking with an internal…until the minutes end, and the call stop!

I have made a graphic of what we want (just to clarify):

Someone know plugin or third party addon on the market that make this possible?

Thank you.


I don’t know of a readily available module, but that flow chart doesn’t seem too difficult, probably 1-2 days to write then test.

FreePBX would not be the right way to go as this is quite a complex requirement unless you know how to hack FreePBX defaults (if you do, the it makes sense to use FreePBX).

I can point you to the Dial command where you can specify max talk time. So you would do the Dial with restriction dynamically from a database (i assume)., lookout for option “L”

or if you prefer to invoke via dialplan; see

Good luck, sounds like a fun project…

Yes i know that with asterisk was simpler…BUT :-), freepbx come with very useful feature for us (the uber cool fop2 for example)!
So we need to implement this one, into a freepbx installation!

FOP2 is not part of FreePBX and runs fine without it.

It is very easy to integrate custom code into FreePBX.

I agree this is about a 20-40 man hour project based on your initial scope.