Questiion about IVR & direct to voice mail

Not that easy to explain but here goes.

I have an after hours IVR that plays a message. What I want to happen is after message plays I want call to be transferred into extension 101 voice mail WITHOUT EXTENSION 101 greeting playing. Is that possible? I want my IVR to play (in the IVR recording I will say to leave a message after the beep) and then drop straight into recording a VM for 101?

Don’t use a IVR. Use the announcement module and have it play your recording you make then go to ext 101 voicemail with the no msg option.

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When you choose voicemail as the destination, you simply set it to use the no message version like this.

This screenshot is from a ring group, but it is the same throughout the GUI.

And as @tonyclewis implied, why are you using an IVR for something with no options? That is what announcements are for.