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I’ve never had the need to buy this module to date, but now I have a potential client where i will need to mix multicast paging with standard device paging.

The PBX will be hosted externally and there will be multiple remote networks (separate office buildings).
When multicast paging is setup in this module, where is the multicast stream coming from?

Since the PBX is cloud hosted and not on the network, it cannot be the source.

I’ve never done multicast. But AFAIK multicast needs to be on the same LAN.

No, it is routable, but the routers and networks it traverses need to support IGMP

Edit: But it is unlikely that any ISP scenario will allow that, you might however you might be able to use GRE tunnels between your networks to add transparency to the protocol

Right. That is why I was asking how the Page Pro module implements it.
Nothing in the listing even mentions Multicast: https://www.freepbx.org/paging-pro/
The wiki article does: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Page+Pro-Admin+Guide

If I set up a page group in page pro using a multicast address, is that generated from the PBX?

Because, as I may not have clearly stated in my OP, I want a singel page group that pages both some extensions like normal (connected to Snom PA1) and also to multicast to a bunch of phones at a building with no overhead speakers.

Based on the above links, I am 100% certain Page Pro fits my need if the PBX was on site, on the LAN.

I can easily make buttons on the desk phones for multicast directly. But then I don’t get the page out to the overhead speakers on the Snom in the other building that is not on the same network.

Yes, I could put up a routed IPSEC VPN tunnel between the two sites to handle the multicast directly as Snom units can receive it. But I have no need for a VPN now, and do not want to introduce complexity on the network for no reason. That is why I am asking the question.

There is a concept of a multcast relay that is probably what you’re looking for here. I have no experience with them, but the idea is that you do a SIP page from the PBX to the relay on the remote network, and the relay sends the multicast. Multi-location Multicast

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In case you missed it


I did not realize that the Snom would act as a relay. I’ll check that.

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