QOS & TOS settings

I am trying to set up QOS - TOS and I’m confused over what setting i need to set.

I need to set TOS as - number 6 according to this chart ( supported by my Ubiquiti WiFi connection ) which is

802.1p Class of Service =6
TOS Range = 0xa0 - 0xbf
DSCp Range = 26-27, 46-47, 48-55
WME category = Voice

However reading most articles it’s suggested i use setting

But I’m not sure if that matches the above after reading these articles -

CS3 seems to equate to - cs3 = dscp 24 = 011000 = tos 0x60 (96) = ip prec 3
which seems different to what i need according to the UBNT document.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please.