Q2 - How do you choose a good outbound ITSP SIP trunk provider?


Our customer base is in the emerging countries (India, Brazil, China). These customers make uni-directional calls to the US.
I had a question about how to choose the right VOIP ITSP outbound SIP trunk provider for my commercial VOIP application.

Our users use their softphones and make outbound calls through our Freeswitch server. We have our Freeswitch (similar to Asterisk) servers setup - one server is in Los Angeles, CA and the other is in New York City, NY. Users register with one or the other server dependent on which server is closest.

When shopping around for the ITSP provider, these providers sometimes provide me their gateway IP address so I can ping them. I assume that I should ping from my two servers to the gateway IP they provided (please correct me if I’m wrong), and that the provider with the shortest ping would be a better option.

I am unsure what are the important factors (above and beyond pricing) I should look at when deciding on which service provider to use.


We have servers in Honk Kong “on net” back to the states. They provide the best possible quality calls.

We can set you up a demo account with a small credit if you are interested in testing.

For Latin America you should test the Bandwidth.com trunks available from FreePBX.

TATA has excellent SIP trunking in India.

If you would like information and rates on our Pacific Rim options please send me a private message.

Where to send you a private message?

Click on my inbox at the bottom of the page under your user name. Click “new message” and enter my username “SkykingOH”