Q Recording - AgentCID or AgentCIDname and CALLERID(number) in filename


I found a solution to write AgentCID, CIDname CALLERID(num/dnid) to the recording filename, if doing Inboundrecording or Outboundrecording “Always” with my Users and Devices FreePBX and the recordingcheck agi. I also found a solution to configure the timestamp by editing the extensions.conf.

But now I’m searching for a solution to Queuerecording, as my timestamp configuration in the extensions.conf isn’t used. I’m only able to get the CALLERID(num) been written to the filename.

How can I add the CALLERID(name) or CIDNAME to the Filename and how can I add the userextension of the Agent, answering the call, to the filename?

Or if going another way, is it possible to add the Queuenumber of the queue, from which the agent answers the call, when doing Inbound recording with option always?

I hope u can understand my question, as it’s not that easy to translate it to English.

Greetz Acid


Could I know how you were able to set the proper configuration in extensions.conf for changing the filename of outgoing calls recording to have a callerid number. I’ve been struggling for almost a month now on how I can accomplish this. Could you help me and show me on how you were able to do this?
Thank you in advance!