Q: fresh install of freepbx2.5 - where is the logout?


i cant see how to logout of the free-pbx-administration…do i need to enable something?
thx tom

Under the frog in your right up side. It’s like “Logged in: freepbx (Logout)”. I guess it can be said that it’s in stealth mode.

no, no login link. what does it mean in stealth mode?
how can i unstealth it?

when i said stealth mode, it’s actually a joke because the logout link in under the paws of the frog, and it’s easy to miss.

now, you are saying that under the frog, it doesn’t appear the Logout link?

correct, the frog itself is a link, but thats it. no login/logout…

also, i describes in another thread about some missing pages, geting 404. if u are confident with freepbx, i can give an url
thx tom