PXE Kickstart error when installing Sangoma7

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I’m working on using PXE to install a system and I after the kickstart process starts, it reports the error “Error setting up base repository”. I’ve confirmed the URL’s that it’s looking at for base, epel-release, etc are all valid URL’s. In researching the error message, I see a common thread saying that this error appears when using a the boot.iso of 7. Is it possible that the ISO for Sangoma7 was built using the boot.iso and this is the source of my problem or am I chasing the wrong rabbit and there’s a simpler explanation for this?

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Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

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Bump. Can anyone answer the question about what iso is used to build the Sangoma7 iso?

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I’m not really sure what iso is used to build the Sangoma7 iso, but I can tell you that I’ve heard people have success using an app called cobbler to do network installs of FreePBX. Check it out: https://cobbler.github.io/quickstart/

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Thanks mbrooks. Cobbler worked for me to get network installs working. :+1:

Next step is to get it to correctly setup the boot sector during install so that it’ll boot on a UEFI system. Always something. :sweat_smile:

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