PXE Kickstart error when installing Sangoma7

I’m working on using PXE to install a system and I after the kickstart process starts, it reports the error “Error setting up base repository”. I’ve confirmed the URL’s that it’s looking at for base, epel-release, etc are all valid URL’s. In researching the error message, I see a common thread saying that this error appears when using a the boot.iso of 7. Is it possible that the ISO for Sangoma7 was built using the boot.iso and this is the source of my problem or am I chasing the wrong rabbit and there’s a simpler explanation for this?

Does anyone have any insight into this issue?

Bump. Can anyone answer the question about what iso is used to build the Sangoma7 iso?

I’m not really sure what iso is used to build the Sangoma7 iso, but I can tell you that I’ve heard people have success using an app called cobbler to do network installs of FreePBX. Check it out: https://cobbler.github.io/quickstart/

Thanks mbrooks. Cobbler worked for me to get network installs working. :+1:

Next step is to get it to correctly setup the boot sector during install so that it’ll boot on a UEFI system. Always something. :sweat_smile:

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