Putting Voice mail web app online

Hi all,

My organization is using a FreePBX based phone system and everything works really well. However, several users here would like to access the Recordings web app when they are out of the office, so they can see a visual representation of their voice mail. How would I get this done? Our TrixBox PC is connected to a dedicated LAN for our phones. Would I have to configure out Trixbox to be Internet accessible? If so, how?

Any help is appreciated.

This is the FreePBX not the support forum for trixbox.

trixbox uses very old version of FreePBX that they modified and abandoned. It also uses an end of life Asterisk version. You should consider a current distribution such as ours where you will get support from the community.

In any case it is never a good idea to expose the server to the web without understanding the security implications.

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. Since our phone system seems to be running without issue on Trixbox, I don’t see a need to upgrade our FreePBX just yet. I do understand the security implications involved with what I am asking. However, I was wondering if and / or how access to the FreePBX Recordings feature was granted to users outside the LAN? I will do some research into implementing a proxy server, but would also appreciate any other suggestions you all may have.

Perhaps an Apache or similar web server set up for proxying. Then the web server is exposed to the internet, and your PBX is not.

You will need to research this approach and plan out your proxy setup. It’s beyond the scope of a forum post. The nice thing about the proxy is that you can control what the users can get to. For example, you can allow access only to the /recordings path where ARI is setup, and not to /admin where FreePBX is.