Putting in a big dialplan etc

I’m trying to integrate with UK CNet and I’ve been sent a big document full of information which I guess is designed to replace what I’ve got setup working nicely via the GUI. The new document will add a lot of functionality. I’m guessing I should add the information to the XXXXX_custom.conf file? The document I’ve been sent is emphatic about amending specifically the iax.conf file (not the iax_custom.conf ) file. Will this work if I then NEVER use the GUI again? Or am I on a road to a hiding??

The short answer is yes, this is gong to be a mess.

What are you actually trying to do? What is this custom context getting you that is not already handled.

Was this a FreePBX based document or an Asterisk based document? There will be a big difference. Some providers have been know to provide Asterisk dialplan for interoping. That should not be confused with the already generated FreePBX dialplan which may make some of their documentation moot.

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