Putting caller on Park, results in history of Parked Slot number

I have tried everything. I configured all extensions with Send P-Asserted-Identity header but yet still doesn’t pass. Now maybe it’s an issue with this specific model? This is a yealink T46s. See attached.capture_wrp

Same here - hoping for direction on a solution.

Maybe I’m not understanding this. What is it you’re looking for here? Because that looks like someone made a call to 71 which I’m guessing is your first available parking slot?

So what do you want to show here?

I should see the caller ID not the parked slot

Which CallerID? The Parker or the Parkee’s? You would need to show the verbose output to see what is being set and when.

I need the outside caller ID to show

Well that might be a little more tricky. You’re transferring the caller to the parking slot. Which means you’re putting the caller on hold, opening a new line and dialing 71. That’s what you’re seeing in your Placed Call List, because you placed a call to 71. Now on that call you can get CONNECTEDLINE updates but the other side is the parking slot. Once you complete the transfer you’re out of the call, regardless of blind or attended. So there would be no way to update your Placed Call history with the CallerID of the transferred call.

Unfortunately for most phones the Dialed/Placed Call history (in regards to digits) is what was inputted in the phone. So if a user inputted a digit pattern that the phone, itself, didn’t accept the call would never be sent to the PBX but the call would still be in the phone history as a placed call. The best you would be able to do, if you could figure this out, would be to update the CNAM portion via CONNECTEDLINE updates but as I said, by the time you would get those you’ve already dropped out of the call.

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