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Hello, I would like to know how I can put a DID or a caller ID number to my voiptraffic account; I mean that the person who calls from my pbx can see my number. voiptraffic does not offer DID

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DID is the inbound number for your PBX. It is the number people dial to get to you. The DID should be coming in on your line, with the traffic you are receiving from your provider. If you are having trouble finding out which number called, there are several header that you might have to search through using different inbound contexts (“from-pstn” is an example).

CID is the Outbound number for your PBX. There are normally four places where this gets sets. One is at the provider (if you don’t send one). Since your provider isn’t doing that, we move on. The next is in the Trunk definition. You can set (and override) the connections that use your trunk to set your CID. If your provider overrides this, the provider’s caller ID for you will be used. Next is on the Outbound Route. Same deal - if you set this in the route definition, you can set it to override any phones that might use it. It can be overridden at the trunk or at the provider. Finally, you can set each extension with a Caller ID. This can be overridden at the route, trunk, or provider.

In some limited cases, you can also set the Caller ID at the actual phone (softphones do this all the time). Once again, this setting can be overridden anywhere “upstream” to the provider.

The format for a Caller ID in Asterisk (and FreePBX) is “name to 12 characters” <numberdigits>. You don’t technically need the quotation marks if your caller ID name doesn’t have spaces, but use them - the don’t cost you anything.
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DID and CID are not interchangeable. They are completely different at your end. They don’t have to match, and they are independent.

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thank you so much

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