Put caller on hold


Just recently installed freepbx with one phone and one Linksys Sipura box with great success.

I want to put the caller on hold sometimes. How do I do that? And where are the list of options i can use as if I had a VOIP phone? e.g., transfer, put on hold ,etc…

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The code for placing a call on hold is determined by your Sipura device. Past that take a look at the admin interface and review the featre codes to see what features you have enabled and disabled.

If you are using an SPA2000 or 3000 series terminal adapter, to put a call on hold, just flash the switch hook and get a second dial tone. Then hang up the handset. You will get a short burst of reminder ring every few seconds until you pick it up again. When you are ready to speak to the person on hold, pick up the handset and you are connected again.