Push call back to VM?

I’m using FreePBX with Asterisk

I have at my work office, one extension on my desk, and a Polycom SoundStation next to it, as I like using the HF option often, when not using a headset on my primary extension.

At my home office, I have 7 other SIP phones which are all set in my “follow me” option from my primary extension at my desk - in my work office.

When on a call, say at my home office, and another call comes in, if I hit “ignore” on any phone that’s ringing, I would expect the call to terminate immediately and go to the VM box I’ve setup on my primary extension at my work office, but it doesn’t. It will stop ringing on the phone where I’ve hit the “ignore” button on, but the rest of the phones continue to ring, until the call eventually goes back to the original extension and hits voicemail. The -prim option doesn’t really work as it’s only good for the 1st extension in the follow me list.

I could do this either one of 2 ways…

  1. If I could make only the phone I’m on ring, and not the rest, like -prim but for all phones in the list (not just the 1st one), that would work.


  1. If I could force the call back to the original extension where voicemail has been assigned, and NOT have it continue to ring all of my phones, that would also work, rather than having to wait until the call redirects back to voicemail.

The problem is that I never know where I’m going to be, so it has to be a transparent solution. I’m sure Asterisk has this capability, but I can’t figure out how to make it work. I’ve tried all the follow me ring strategies, but can’t find anything that does what I want.

Basically, I’d like a -prim feature for all sets, if only ONE of the sets is ringing, or, to be able tgo hit ignore and all sets stop ringing.

I only use one voicemail box and would rather not add more.

Wouldn’t Users & Devices mode be ideal for this situation?