Pure IVR System

I’m trying to build a pure informational IVR system with AsteriskNOW and so far so good with one issue I haven’t been avle to figure out.

I’m using extensions to hold the final informational recording but I would like it to NOT go into taking a message, instead I would need it to go back to an IVR menu.

I cannot find a way to do that. Is this possible?


Use the announcements module. Announcements can be IVR destinations.

I looked at that but another thing I would need is a direct number that I can assigned to access the recording. I also looked at optional feature codes on the system recordings but I have not been able to find a way to change those to the code number I assign. I did find a conf file that had the codes. I changed them but it did not reflect the changes on freePBX. If there’s a way to change feature codes, I can work with this. But so far, haven’t found a way to do this task.