Purchased zulu but still shows as needing to be purchased

we purchased zulu. however in the module admin it shows that we still need to purchase it.
Zulu Expiration Date 2017-04-13
Zulu Users 20

Did you refresh your license

yes we have done that several times.all very strange

Publisher: Sangoma Technologies Corporation
License: Commercial
Signature Status: Good (What Does this Mean?)
Description: Zulu bridges the gap between your PBX and your desktop. Providing unified communications directly in the applications you use daily
More info: Get help for Zulu
Commercial Status: Learn More Buy
Track: Stable
Action: No Action Disable Uninstall Remove

Best move would be to open a commercial module ticket at http://ussupport.sangoma.com

You may want to also do a

service httpd restart

in case apache didn’t reload

the system has been rebooted several times since we had the purchase. but i will restart apache one more time. i also just submitted a ticket as you suggested

Another (possibly) similar issue:

We bought a Sangoma 500 a while back and started messing with it today to try out the VPN capabilities. I don’t see a license for it in the System Admin page. Do we need to start registering paid modules manually on the Schmooze portal?