Public IP

Pretty new to freePBX but i did manage to get it going, set up some trunks, inboud routes, ivr, queues etc and its been working great i must say. My setup is basic and its running on a local static IP, now i need a toll free number and i chose alcazar networks (amazing prices) but they are asking me for my public ip address of my server, i am new to this and have no clue how to set it up i do have static ip from my ISP, can someone shed some light to this topic.
Any help will be greatly appretiated

This is the address they are going to send calls to. They must send them without authentication (this is typical of many carriers).

You have to be very careful on how you expose your server or you could be opening your server for fraud.

What kind of router are you using? The ideal way to do this is with a static NAT statement and an access list if your router is capable of those constructs.

you can find out your external (public) IP by going to If you don’t have a static IP then the router/firewall you are using may have functions to connection to dyndns (or a similar service) to allow you to register a name that will change if your public IP address changes. Ask Alcazar if they will point to a dyndns name/address and if so that would be a good way to go.