Public DNS

Usually have people use the google public DNS servers or
Cloudeflare with APNIC has released if you would like a tertiary DNS source or a not google source you can use

Nice! Just Googled it and found this:

Which says IBM also has - between the two, no more Google!

Not sure I trust IBM anymore than Google but cloudflare stating they are deleting all logs is cool. Hopefully in reality they do it and the Gov does not get a back door into the logs like they do for everything else.

Not sure I trust anybody anymore - It’s getting scary out there.

Here is the thing about google. I am sure they know more about me than I do… They probably know when I flush the toilet or sneeze. So my dns searches aren’t really an issue for me. They probably know what site I need before I do…


You will find that upon reflection, Google adhere’s to almost NONE of the above principles.

Just because you have nothing to hide does not translate to a free-for-all.

Nor Amazon, nor M$oft nor any web hosting services out there. Mozilla is a browser, Google et al are a lot more.

Mozilla is actually a foundation with MANY open-source development projects under it’s guidance - Just because you are used to giving all your info away doesn’t mean you SHOULD be giving all your info away…

Which party of the Mozilla project doesn’t use DNS resolution, are there any parts of that is controlled exclusively by that project that protects you from dig queries?

Just being a devil’s advocate here. :slight_smile:

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