PSTN lines


I have FreePBX 3 PSTN lines connected to a digium card. Trunks are named Zap/g0, Zap/1 & Zap/2. When I call the phone numbers associated with the trunks, only 2 of the pstn lines connect me with the IVR and one of them just rings and rings.

I took out one of the pstn lines and both lines answer with the IVR.

This is what is happening:

3 pstn lines connected with phone numbers 701-0001, 701-0002, & 701-0003. I dial 701-0001, it answers. I dial 701-0002, it answers. I dial 701-0003, it just rings.

I take out 701-0001 and dial the other 2 numbers. The 2 numbers get picked up by the IVR. I put back the 701-0001 and take out 701-0002, the other 2 numbers answer and so on.

It looks like that my asterisk only allows 2 pstn lines to answer with the IVR. When 3 pstn lines are connected, it is always 701-0003 that does not answer.

Any idea how I can resolve this so that all inbound calls to all 3 pstn lines are answered?

Thanks in advance.

zap/g0 is a trunk
zap/1 and zap/2 are channels.

You use zap/g0 if you have a trunk with many channels like on your 3 channel card. If you want to pick up the first available line on a trunk then use zap/g0. It will check channel 1, then channel 2 and then channel 3.

zap/1 defines the first fxs port (channel) on your card
zap/2 defines the second
zap/3 defines the third

You should be assigning your phone numbers;

zap/1 => 701-0001
zap/2 => 701-0002
zap/3 => 701-0003

Looks like you are not using your zap/3 channel

Make sure all your zap channels are set up correctly - check out Zapata-auto.conf. Take your IVR out of the mix and have all incoming trunks going to a phone for a start to test. I don’t use g0 as there is no control over individual trunks for incoming destinations - poor mans DDI but if you dont need this then leave all your trunks in g0.

Thanks. I am not very familiar with Linux and I was trying to find Zapata-auto.conf. I found zapata.conf. Is that the file where channels are configured? It looks like I have only 2 ports.

this is what I have in zapata.conf is:

;include Zap extensions defined in AMP
#include Zapata_additional.conf
; XTDM20B Port #1,2 plugged into PSTN
;AMPLAbel:channel %c -Button %n

Thanks for your reply.

I took out the outbound caller id 701-0003 of Zap/g0 and created Zap/3 and placed the outbound caller id there.

When I call 701-0003, it still does not answer. It just rings.

I tried taking out Zap/g0 but after, I cannot make outgoing calls. So I put it back.