PSTN Interface

I am looking for a good interface box between PSTN and FreePBX.
Usually I use a TDM card but it looks like they may be discontinued by the wholesaler I use.
I have tried a Patton SN4114 but have found had problems with multiple simultaneous calls.
I need to interface to 4 PSTN lines.
Ideally i would like to be able to create a SIP trunk from the gateway to the PBX for each line so i can direct calls out certain lines for certain dial patterns.
The choices i have are:
Patton SN4114
Samgoma Vega 50 POTS 4FXO
Grandstream GXW4104
Epygi Quadro 6FXO
Can anyone please give me some feedback on these devices?
Thanks in advance.

I am not familiar with the exact model of the Sangoma but the make great cards and they work well with Asterisk/FreePBX.

While I have no experience with the particular Sangoma model you describe, I’ve had great luck with other Sangoma products. I have used the Grandstream, and its performance is marginal.


Thanks Bill and Alan.
Had heard the Grandstreams were pretty average. How is support on the Sangomas?
Anybody else got any ideas ???

Sangoma Support is Great.

Rather than using an external gateway, why not look at the Sangoma 4 port card. I have several and they work extremely well.


Would that be the A200BRMDE with 2 x 2-FXO modules?
Do i need the Echo Canceller ??? i remember a while back i had issues with HW Echo Cancel on a Digium Card and ended up using software and taking the HW Echo Cancel out completely.


Another vote for Sangoma. Great cards and great support.

Hardware echo cancel is always better than software echo cancel.

Another vote for the Sangoma A200, yes get the hardware echo as it cannot be added to the card at a later date.