PSTN from freepbx server 1 to freepbx server 2


I have 2 freepbx servers that i have them connected together via IAX, both can dial extensions to extensions without any issue

on freepbx server 1, i have 4 fxo dhadi card with 4 pstn line, with an outgoing route for each line, dial 9 X. for line 1, dial 8 X. for line 2 etc…

Now on freepbx server 2, it has no pstn line, eventhough i manage to get freepbx 2 to peer with freepbx 1 and call extensions on the other server and receive calls from it as well without any issue, however i cant get freepbx server 2 to make any calls from pstn on freepbx 1

so basic i want to be able to make PSTN calls on freepbx server 1 from freepbx server 2, with the same dial plans of freepbx 1, how i can achieve that? kindly advise?

Thanks for helping in advance, appreciated

Just send the resultant (after outbound routes has done it’s stuff) calls from server 2 through your iax2 tie-line trunk, but make sure the context of the trunk on server 1 includes the outbound routes that include your PSTN lines/trunk , [from-internal] will usually work but can expose some security risks .


Thank you very much for your help, it sounds like a rocket science to me what you are suggesting, is there any link or tutorial that i can follow?

Currently i manage to get both connect to each other via peer , extension to extension calling is working from server 1 to server 2, i cant just get all the outbound pstn line to pass from one server to another

Thanks again

It’s all in the wiki.