PSA: Telnyx is under a DDoS attack

For more info:

Unfortunately this game is not over… yet.

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Telnyx is moving to Cloudflare Magic Transit as well. It seema like CF is the only player in the game that can successfully win this battle every single time.

These DDoS’s are proving to be great for Cloudflares business.


I have a bunch of PBXs that use IP Authentication sip trunking with telnyx, when the DDoS started the phones only stopped working for an hour, after that I didn’t have any issues during the DDOS, telnyx already has DDOS protection they are just improving it with cloudflare, the other carriers under a DDoS we’re out for a few days so only disrupting for an hour is better than anyone

If I bought in to conspiracies I would think there was a link :slight_smile:


Not sure what your point is here. Telnyx used DDoS protection from NTT which was/is also used by Bandwidth and failed to mitigate the attack for both carriers.
Telnyx was down for a full day (not completely down the entire day, but service was unreliable most of the day)

The difference here is, that instead of struggling a week with NTT’s DDoS mitigation tools, Telnyx went with CF at the end of the first day.

With that being said, Telnyx is still struggling with this DDoS attack…

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