PSA/CRM integration

Hey guys!

Wandering if I can configure my PBX 15 box to catch with my PSA – Datto PSA (not in officially supported list). I have an IVR option that I want to configure so that user presses #1 and it surveys basic info and submit a ticket on PSA side. They have generic API etc.


Thank you.

Out of the box no, it is possible though. You would have to write it with something like AGI or ARI probably

Getting DTMF input from callers and making API calls is what the Dynamic Routes module does.

so, nothing to do with CRM module?

The CRM module will do webhooks but you still have to process them

Also the CRM module does call start/end stuff not individual key handling

ok, so I need 2 modules then?

What about PSA, probably need to create an API credentials?

How I read this is as follows. The steps may not be exact but a generic path

Caller Calls IVR and presses 1 For X Department
After Pressing 1,
Prompt: Enter Account code (or some jazz)
Prompt enter other info

A ticket has been opened?

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