Prventing users from disabling call recording

Is it possbile to prevent users from being able to disable call recording? I have a company that needs to record all calls for all extensions - I understand this will eat up a lot of storage, but we are auto deleting anything over 60 days old -
Any help is greatly appreciated

One sure way is to take recording off of the PBX and on to a separate system like

Thank you for the option. Any ideas as to if it is feasible to prevent the access without additional software?

a) Turn on record always in the extension.
b) disable the *1 recording toggle in Feature Codes.
c) do not give them access to the user portal.

Good idea. How do I disable the user portal? I was thinking of blocking http access for the end user address ranges via iptables but thought there might be an easier way. The *1 functionality is being disabled.

I modified the html in the settings.module file in the /var/www/html/recordings/modules directory to disable the radio buttons that would allow the user to turn off recordings so I do not have to lock down the web page. Now if I can just remember what I did the next time I upgrade FreePBX. :slight_smile:
The code is below, adding the ‘disable’ attribute worked like a champ.

<input type=‘radio’ name=‘record_in’ value=‘Always’ disabled " . $ri_always . "/> " . _(“Always”) . "
<input type=‘radio’ name=‘record_in’ value=‘Never’ disabled " . $ri_never . "/> " . _(“Never”) . "
<input type=‘radio’ name=‘record_in’ value=‘Adhoc’ disabled " . $ri_on_demand . "/> " . _(“On-Demand”) . "
<input type=‘radio’ name=‘record_out’ value=‘Always’ disabled " . $ro_always . "/> " . _(“Always”) . "
<input type=‘radio’ name=‘record_out’ value=‘Never’ disabled " . $ro_never . "/> " . _(“Never”) . "
<input type=‘radio’ name=‘record_out’ value=‘Adhoc’ disabled " . $ro_on_demand . "/> " . _(“On-Demand”) . "

My apologies, I just realized the html entered created the radio buttons in the post - hey at least they are disabled . :slight_smile:

Just wanted to post this in case ‘lilguy’ above wanted an easier method. If you edit /var/www/html/recordings/includes/main.conf.php and set the value of $SETTINGS_ALLOW_CALL_RECORDING_SET = 0;

it will achieve the same effect – at least it did for me