Proxy Calls

Hi all, I am a bit new to this so I will attempt to keep my question short in hopes for some pointers in the right direction.

I am looking to dial into my PBX from an outside line. At this point I am prompted to dial a security code of some type. After applying the correct code (pin number) I can then dial a phone number of my choice and have my PBX send my call to its destination.
I hope I was clear in what I am attempting to do.

Summary: I would like for my PBX to act like one of those prepaid calling cards.
Thanks for any pointers you can provide.

  • Jermal


While I have never configured it, what you are looking for is “DISA”.

From the “Applications” menu, choose “DISA”.

It describes the feature as: “DISA is used to allow people from the outside world to call into your PBX and then be able to dial out of the PBX so it appears that their call is coming from the office which can be handy when traveling. You can set a destination in an IVR that points to the DISA or set a DID. Make sure you password protect this to keep people from dialing in and using your PBX to make calls out.”