Proxmox template for FreePBX?

Are there any plans for creating a Proxmox template like there are for Elastix and Piaf ? I believe that virtualisation has become the standard in stead of dedicated appliances in terms of Cost Efficiency, High Availibility and Scalability.

Proxmox allows for ISO installs via KVM, so the FreePBX distro can be installed this way, but the other method via a template is much easier and more performant.

PBX-In-A-Flash is based on FreePBX, so I’m unclear on your question. It would seem to me that reinventing that wheel again would be a waste of time.

On the other hand, it’s fun to watch the computer industry churn back and forth in search of revenue streams. The kids graduate from college knowing everything there is to know and “invent” something that is exactly like something that we used and discarded years ago.

If you stay around long enough, everything old is new again, but with a cute name like “virtualization”. For reference, Google for “IBM MVS”.


If you are looking for GUI driven virtualization, take a look at I like it over proxmox… then again on my personal development servers I use libvirt.