ProxMox and Distro

I have ProxMox box up and running. Installing Centos 6 and 7 is no trouble but when I load the FreePBX distro 64bit 10.13.66 I have troubles.
I start the install, the distro gets you to set the IP address, I press next and now I can ping the server from the Internet.
The distro continues and completes. 100% The system reboots and I still can ping the system. I get to the start up screen and then I loose the internet. No more pings.
The distro completes and boots to the screen telling you the distro can’t find the Internet and to press Control Shift F1 to continue.
I log in check my ifcfg-eth0 and all looks good. I run {service network restart} and network restarts.
I ping I get network Network is unreachable. ifconfig and I get my network settings,

Where can I find the boot-up script that is causing this trouble?
Any I thoughts ?

It was a Hosting company security issue.
I need to add a /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/route-eth0 file and that fixed it all up.