Provisioning Trunks To SIP Phones

After many tears I finally got my two HT-503s configured with FreePBX. Now I think I have the trunks and Inbound/Outbound routes setup correctly using this:

Setting Up HT503s On FreePBX

But I’m unclear on how I get these lines provisioned on my Grandstream GXP2130 phones. I can directly dial the HT-503 extensions I’ve setup to get a dial tone and am able to dial out. But I need to get these assigned to a button so the lines can be selected and inbound calls can ring. I’m not quite sure how to do that.

Do I assign an extension number to the trunk and set that up as a speed dial? If so, how do I connect extension numbers and trunks?


I guess I’m asking a more complex question than I thought. Looking around, the answer I’ve come up with has two parts.

The first uses the Outbound Route CID. I think I can use that as an extension number and dial that from my phones. Hopefully I can specify it as a speed dial and get a dial tone.

The second is to setup a dial plan in extensions_custom.conf for inbound calls using the DID I specified for the inbound route and using the internal-phones context coming from the trunk:

;Office Line
exten => 09259991111,1,Set(DIALGROUP(mygroup,add)=SIP/10)
exten => 09259991111,n,Set(DIALGROUP(mygroup,add)=SIP/11)
exten => 09259991111,n,Dial(${DIALGROUP(mygroup)})
exten => 09259991111,n,Hangup()

This should ring all my extensions on an inbound call. I haven’t yet had a chance to test any of this. Does this sound sane? Am I going down the right path?

I now see ring groups. That seems easier.

Still not working though. And phones now don’t seem to be able to get a system dial tone. Sigh. What did I break?