Provisioning Sangoma Phones with web UI only (no EPM involved

Hi: checking in with this thought and topic

Ref: Setting up Sangoma phones (Example) Sangoma S500

Can one take this phone out of the box and set it up using ONLY the Web UI (GUI)?
Does one need to use the EPM (end point manager) module for anything related to this phone?

We’d rahter do all the setup (100%) if possible in the web UI and not deal with EPM.
We’d even like to setup the “phone apps” process using the web UI only.
We’d like to avoid having to use EPM for any purpose when setting up a Sangoma phone.

Thanks for your thoughts.

No you have to use EPM for all the advanced features including all phone apps.

Why? I cannot understand the reason behind. EPM is free for Sangoma Phones.

Thank you, Tony!

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