Provisioning phones

Do I need EPM to provision phones I am using FreePBX on a RasperryPi?

How many phones? You can certainly provision them manually, but beyond about six it becomes a tedious hassle if you change configuration often. However, the commercial EPM won’t run on a Pi. Depending on the make/model of your phones, the OSS EPM may be suitable. Yet another option is manually creating configuration files that the phones download.

Hi Stewart1 only 2 phones. How can I provision them manually or find OSS EPM?
I have found it in the forums but not found where to download?

The OSS EPM may already be installed; check for Settings -> OSS Endpoint Manager. If not, you should be able to install it via Module Admin.

Most phones have a built-in webserver that allows you to configure them manually. Make/model?

Polycom SoundPoint IP 335. I have them configured but FreePBX does not see them they show offline. When I dial a feature code they ring and ring and the channel count will go to 1 so I think the system see them?

As requested in your other thread, set pjsip logger on, make a call to *43, paste the relevant section of the log at and post the link here.

I was able to install OSS EPM but when I go to select brand, model etc. They have nothing in the drop down box all blank.

Click the hamburger and select Package Manager. Click Check for Update and Polycom should appear in the list. Click Install and you should be good to go.

However, I strongly recommend troubleshooting your manual configuration first. EPM is another level of complexity you don’t yet need.

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